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"Cowboy" will be part of the Montana Miniatures Show at the Heritage Inn in Great Falls, Montana. March 18,19 & 20, 2021. Thank you Bitterroot Frames in Hamilton, Montana for all your work to coordinate and put this show on. There will be 150 pieces in the show and I'm so thrilled to be one of them. If you are in the area, stop in and check it out.

Now, a little history about "Cowboy".

I attended a western art photo shoot at American Frontier Productions in Easton, Kansas where I shot over 10,000 photos in a three day period. It was such a blast running up and down the hills of the Culbertson ranch. "Cowboy" Robert Culbertson, my model, is a former actor, wrangler and reenactor and was in many movies during his career. He is the owner of Culbertson Ranch where he coordinates western photo shoots for artists. My friend, Robert Hagan, who is also a talented artist, suggested that I needed to go to the shoot. So I packed my gear and off I went.

The photo I used to create this painting gave me no choice, I had to paint it. I was drawn to the story in his face, in his movements and in his manner. I watched him working with a horse as he gently laid him on the ground. It was obvious that he'd done that many times before. He looked up and the softness of the afternoon sun lit his face and boom, I captured it in a photo. Many times I will use several photos to compose a painting, but this had it all, except with my oil paint the story is richer and more vibrant than the photo. And that's why I prefer working in oil.

You can follow my work on my website: normaleepfaff.com. I will be posting more western pieces from the shoot as they come off my easel.

Norma Lee Pfaff

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